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Case Studies

Verifiable, authentic documents are critical in personal and business transactions. A fraudulent document can risk personal identity,  financial stability and in medical examples, risk of personal injury. FilesDNA helps provide an efficient and trustworthy way to secure and deliver documents and files without compromising document integrity.

Document fraud is a common global occurrence. Some examples of documents vulnerable to fraud are diplomas and degree certificates, insurance and employment contracts, government-issued identification, mortgage documents, and any other legal document.

As a business, you want to ensure your employee has the credentials necessary. Without accurate verification, documents are easily modified using common programs like Adobe. Hiring an employee without proper credentials puts your organization at risk, potentially costing significant legal fees and fines or risking the integrity of your business.

Through the use of Blockchain technology and smart contracts, FilesDNA has developed a system to stop document counterfeit or fraud. Our researched and proven solution allows verification that the document is authentic and issued with validity.

Property scamming is a real threat. Blockchain technology is an efficient and secure way to store land and property deeds, safe from scammers. The transactions are recorded and verified, creating confidence in buyer/seller relationships.

Land title documentation recording through blockchain is a financially viable option, growing in popularity due to the structured and transparent system blockchain offers.  Simply put, verified land and property titles prove ownership.

FilesDNA can mitigate fraudulent documents through the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, eliminating the possibility of fraudulent land or property title transfers.

FilesDNA diploma verification is built on blockchain technology that is decentralized, verified, immutable and tracked to the source- perfect for storing academic certificates, degrees and diplomas.

Will be useful for


Universities are responsible to ensure students receive certified and accurate diplomas earned. FilesDNA ensures universities and students can enjoy many benefits:

  • Degrees always remains valid, with no expiration or concern of loss
  • The issuer certifies the certificate, allowing the student to access and share verified diploma anytime, even if the facility is no longer in operation.
  • Authentic and counterfeit-proof diplomas
  • Secure storage of information
  • Readily shareable for multiple agencies in the hiring process


Employers don’t want to risk company integrity or liability by unknowingly hiring under-credentialed employees. FilesDNA will do the work for you, ensuring credible and updated employee credentials. Some of the benefits include

  • Individual and thorough resume transparency
  • Verification of any certification or diploma by their unique numbers
  • FilesDNA simply saves time while researching. The process is efficient and accurate.
  • A solution to detect any fraudulent diplomas.
  • Ability to check applicant credentials, globally.

Stats consistently prove that applicants, a large percentage of them, exaggerate their resumes-some even to the extent of overt fraudulent credentials. Headhunters use social media and professional networking sites to find qualified applicants. With the integration of blockchain technology as a resource, these sites remain a valuable tool for employers and employees.

For the graduate

  • Ensure the competitiveness of his/her diploma.
  • Ability to instantly provide access to information about the diploma to any employer all around the world.

Many legal transfers and processes require notarization or proof of ownership or identity before a legal transfer can occur. Following a notarization,  through blockchain, the issuer and recipient can have confidence knowing their document will be delivered privately and reliably to the recipient.

Notary accomplishes three things: to prove the existence of a document, to prove ownership of a document and transfer the ownership of a document.

FilesDNA helps to facilitate this process by ensuring the document is irrefutable through a developed a system to stop document counterfeit or fraud. Our researched and proven solution allows verification that the document is authentic and issued with validity.

ID Cards & Driving License

A drivers license is a government-issued and considered a credible and reliable source of identification. The preceding structured application process requires ample supporting documentation verifying personal identity.

Fake IDs are a lucrative and popular business. Fake identification has been linked to personally devastating crimes such as identity theft, bank fraud, social security fraud, and fraudulent purchases.

FilesDNA systematic approach and blockchain technology ensures identification is valid and uncompromised. 

Paying an invoice without carefully reviewing the company and invoice can cost your business more than just the amount paid. Invoicing fraud is when a third party sends a false invoice to an organization or business. In some cases, the invoice is for services or products that were never purchased or delivered. Other times, fraudsters send a bill with inflated pricing or a duplicate bill.

Paying just a single fraudulent invoice can set your company up for being a victim of larger fraud down the line. Often, criminals send a small invoice for a common product, such as office supplies, to test the company’s process to see if they will pay the false invoice. If the business pays the invoice, the criminals know that the company does not carefully review and research the invoices they receive. Criminals then send additional invoices to the company to continue the fraud.

If your email system get hacked or someone get access and miss use it, then your clients will believe the invoices that sent from your account and pay them based on the trust relation that they have it with your company or with you personally, this will cause big issue on different levels, business relation and the trust.

FilesDNA systematic approach and blockchain technology ensures invoices are valid and uncompromised. 

Now you can send your employee just a link or QR-Code to scan and they can open their payslip from secured cloud system.

Multiple layers of security can be applied in order to let them open that documents.

FilesDNA systematic approach and blockchain technology ensures payslips are valid and uncompromised.