The Future Of Document Verification

The Future Of Document Verification

FilesDNA is the most advanced and secured e-signature system in the world. FilesDNA is built by Borderless Security which Mo Sahib owns. Mo tells us that FilesDNA offers a user-friendly process for records and document verification instantly. 

FilesDNA lets you send and request signatures of your documents using Electronic signatures that are secured by extra layers of verification. In other words, it is a self-service web and mobile app that can be used by all professionals that are interested in security to perform daily tasks revolving around documents.

FilesDNA facilitates the whole process of designing, storing, sending, and receiving the documents very simple for users to perform such kinds of tasks that would generally take time.

Sometimes, dealing with documents is harder than it sounds because of document fraud. Unfortunately, document fraud is a very common problem these days as some documents are vulnerable to fraud, such as contracts, degree certificates, mortgage documents, and more. 

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If you are into business, then you want to ensure your employees have all the necessary credentials. Documents can easily be modified using common programs without accurate verification. Moreover, hiring an employee without proper credentials can put your agency at risk and also cost significant legal fees and fines or risk the integrity of your business. 

FilesDNA has developed a system that can stop document counterfeiting and fraud using blockchain technology and smart contracts. Blockchain technology ensures the validity of signatures and documents, ensuring the integrity of your documents.

How was FilesDNA created and developed over the years?

Mo, the creator of FilesDNA, has worked as a Security consultant for the US army, and from there, he created his own company called Borderless Security. He created FilesDNA with three of the biggest security needs of our time: electronic signature, blockchain security, and artificial intelligence. FilesDNA is the only e-signature software in the market that brings all three digital security aspects together in an app for documents verification.

FilesDNA-Document Verification


FilesDNA has a free version that is not only for personal use but can also be used professionally. You can stay with the free plan forever, or you can upgrade to the $4 per month plan or pay $9 per month for the full feature set. 

Wrapping Up

These are some things about FilesDNA and its creator Mo Sahib; however, if you are willing to know more, click the link below to read the full article. FILESDNA: THE FUTURE OF DOCUMENT VERIFICATION


If you are impressed with the security levels and capabilities of FilesDNA and want to know more about the e-signature software and its creator, then click the link below!


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