Best 10 Remote Working Tools in 2021 for Every Organization

Best remote working tools

Remote working tools isn’t just the latest work trend but an absolute necessity in the current situation. Many Businesses’ continuity is at stake and most of them are struggling with proper management and quality service delivery. Remote work tools are a lifesaver for businesses as they can help the organization sustain productivity, quality, and delivery. Let’s discuss the top 10 remote work tools adopted by SMBs and large Enterprises worldwide to make remote working A Success:

Zoom Meetings

It is the most widely used free cloud-based tool to conduct meetings, discuss important project agendas and enhance communication quality. Zoom offers real-time video conference enriched with features of chat, video recording, and content sharing with incorporated security methods such as password protection, waiting lobby, add a guest role, etc.

Top Features

  1. Virtual background
  2. Calendar Integration
  3. Waiting room
  4. Multi-Screen share
  5. Touch-Up my appearance


Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype


Free Basic Plan, paid plans start at USD 149.90/ Year/License

Google Workspace

G-suite now named as Google workplace combines collaboration and production tools giving a one-stop source experience to users. With Google’s innovation and trust, businesses eliminate the need to have different applications from multiple vendors for each task. Google workplace includes Gmail, Meet, Drive, Sheets, and many more useful tools. Google provides 24/7 Chat, E-mail, and Phone support.

Included Applications

Gmail, Meet, Chat, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Currents, Keep, Apps Script, Cloud search, Jamboard, Sites, Keep, etc.


Microsoft Office 365


Starts at USD 6/User/Month


Now, eSignature software has become a necessity in the current remote working era. FilesDNA empowers the document signing process of small, medium, and large businesses with its blockchain security and advanced cloud technology in use. With filesDNA’s complete files management solution, businesses can now sign, share, store documents very easily and securely saving a lot of time, avoiding dependency like being physically available to sign on papers.

Top Features

  1. Mobile & Web Availability
  2. Automated Sign Delegation
  3. QR and BAR Code scanning
  4. OCR & Translation facility
  5. Trusted Partner of Google, Amazon, Kubernetes, and more


DocuSign, Adobesign


Free Plan, Plans start at GBP 4/user/month

Lattice – Employee Engagement Solution

Despite individuals working from remote locations, firms need to ensure employee satisfaction and build a people-oriented culture. Lattice Engagement is an employee experience solution to gather feedback from each employee, generate real-time insights and make the company a better place to work.

Top Features

  1. Performance & Engagement Metrics
  2. Expert-built survey templates
  3. Lattice Library for all
  4. Survey, Pulses, and eNPS


SurveySparrow, Bamboo HR


Free Plan, Plans start at UDS 12/user/month when billed annually.


Hubstaff online time tracker works surprisingly better for remote teams and also field teams. Over 40,000+ Businesses have trusted Hubstaff to be their productivity management platform to revolutionize business profitability, productivity analysis, team management, and Payroll management. Hubstaff embraces transparency in productivity by finding productivity trends, App & URL tracking, and generating detailed reports.

Top Features

  1. Accurate Time Tracking
  2. Effective Productivity Monitoring and Measurement
  3. Employee scheduling
  4. Project Budgeting
  5. Online timesheets
  6. Automated Payroll


Timedoctor, Workpuls, Clockify


Free for one user, Paid plans start at USD 7/User/Month

Slack – Business Communication Platform

Slack is a single remote work tool for both; teams and work. With the remote collaboration tools, teams can communicate effectively via messaging, audio & video calls and create central spaces for sharing ideas, creating a workflow, and managing further. With Slack Connect users can centralize the communications with vendors, partners, and customers to and fasten the work cycle.

Top Features

  1. Dedicated channels for projects and teams
  2. Animation preferences and Visual Controls
  3. Sales Connect
  4. Private or Public Channels
  5. Internal- External communication at one place


Microsoft Teams, Rocket Chat, Troop


Free Plan available, Plans start at USD 3.20 /user/month


Automation has become an essential need in a remote working environment and digital transformation initiatives. Zapier, a globally recognized brand often describe as a translator between web APIs is a remote tool that allows seamless integration of applications. Zapier automates workflow by automating routine tasks with the integration of various apps of daily use to support busy working people.

Top Features

  1. Do it yourself automation
  2. 3000+ Apps integration
  3. More than 3 million users
  4. Secure data synchronization across apps
  5. 24/7 On-call support


Integromat,, Microsoft Flow.


Free plan available, Paid plans start at USD 19.99/month


Trello is one of the top project management software used by more than 1000K teams across the world. Trello helps organizations accomplish their productivity goals with proper project management and team collaboration functions. Trello’s customizable features increase teamwork, improvise workflows, advance project planning, and manage to meet deadlines timely.

Top Features

  1. Board & Card system
  2. Integration of top work tools such as Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote.
  3. No Code automation
  4. Progress Meter Checklist
  5. Activity Logs
  6. SSL Data Encryption


Asana, Wrike, Nifty


Free plan available, Paid plans start at USD 12.50/user/month


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Businesses anticipate that remote working brings risks and may lead to cyberattacks and other security threats. Instasafe protects critical business applications against emerging and potentials threats with its identity-centric zero trust solution.

Top Benefits

  1. Multifactor authentication
  2. Extensive Protection
  3. Role-based Access control
  4. Visibility across the network
  5. Very Negligible attach surface


Connect Secure, Securelink, Netmotion


Use case-based pricing. The cost differs for Zero Trust Application access, Zero Trust Network access & VPA alternative.

 CoSchedule Marketing Suite

CoSchedule is a marketing work management tool that remotely controls and manages the entire marketing process and useful to get consolidated insights into various marketing projects. It gives an explicit idea of all running projects to effectively manage all real-time activities in one place.

Top Features

  1. Calendar Organiser
  2. Content Organiser
  3. Work Organiser
  4. Asset Organiser


SocialBee, SocialPilot


Free trial available, Contact CoSchedule sales team for a price.

VEED Webcam Test


VEED Webcam Test tool allows you to verify that your webcam is working perfectly before joining a call. It’s great for remote workers who want to ensure that their webcam is configured correctly before joining a call on Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, and other video conferencing platforms. The tool will also enable you to test different resolutions and frame rates, so that you can choose the best one for your needs.

Top Features

  1. Troubleshooting guide
  2. Camera resolution
  3. Frame rate

Webcam Test, Online Mic Test



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